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0x8007007e Description:

The 0x8007007e error code is shown when Microsoft update is unable to retrieve important security and driver updates that ensure a safe, secure, and efficient operating system. It is a rather common Windows error, but sometimes indicates underlying system instability, registry conflicts, and problems with DLL files.

Error 0x8007007e means your Windows operating system is not functioning correctly and needs your immediate attention. The 0x8007007e Windows error indicates that registry files are misplaced, broken, or deleted. provides you with a powerful registry repair program that scans your system for inconsistent or corrupted files that prevent important CPU processing from taking place. Scan your system to identify potential software conflicts, and repair the underlying causes for the 0x8007007e error code.

When Windows displays the 0x8007007e error and is unable to complete monthly software updates, your system cannot download and install crucial Microsoft patches that protect your system from dangerous intrusions. The 0x8007007e error code often means important registry files are corrupted or deleted, which prevents Windows from executing a successful update session. Missing or broken Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files can also cause a Windows update session to fail. If you are currently without virus protection software, it is possible that a virus, spyware or malware infection has deleted important system data that facilities the Microsoft update process.

Reasons for Error 0x8007007e include:

  • Poor Registry Maintenance
  • Poor Memory Management
  • Virus Infections
  • Obsolete or Missing DLL Files

Repairing the 0x8007007e Error Code – Windows Registry

The registry is a special database in Windows operating systems that is responsible for facilitating major system changes, storing configuration settings, and making information available for software processing. The registry is in a constant state of flux, and constantly creates and deletes files that correspond with user preferences.  However, after a lot of use, or the installation of incompatible software programs, the registry stops functioning properly and causes error codes like 0x8007007e.

To locate, identify, and automatically fix problems in the registry, we recommend downloading the 0x8007007e repair tool. The utility is among leading next generation software that cleans and optimizes the Windows registry. The program is simple to install and easy to use. Instead of taking a lot of time to identify each individual problem, the 0x8007007e repair software does a complete system scan and automatically repairs damaged or corrupted files that cause errors like 0x8007007e.

Fixing the 0x8007007e Error Code – Malware

Viruses are dangerous software programs that attempt to gain unauthorized access to your operating system. These tiny and damaging programs often attach themselves with legitimate software, documents, and internet websites.  When downloaded, viruses surreptitiously begin to modify and delete important files, programs, and settings. Certain viruses are so damaging and costly to repair, that reformatting is the only option to fix a computer. If your system is currently unprotected against viruses and you have the 0x8007007e error code, you might be infected!

We Recommend the repair tool below as it provides multi-layer defense and advanced detection capabilities to identify, remove, and inoculate Windows viruses.  The 0x8007007e repair tool has a large and continually expanding virus database to ensure that your system has the very latest defense software capabilities.

Fixing the 0x8007007e Error Code – DLL Files

Updated and complete DLL files ensure that hardware components and software programs are able to exchange important data. Without DLL files, your laptop screen or computer monitor would be unable to display the information you are currently reading. Dynamic Link Library files allow the Windows operating system to recognize, instruct, and communicate with hardware devices that include modems, keyboards, and internal components. When DLL files are removed or damaged due system corruption or software conflicts, error codes like 0x8007007e can appear.

We recommend downloading this free scan and repair software. This advanced and innovative software package thoroughly scans your Windows operating system for missing or corrupted DLL files. Additional features include system maintenance tools that ensure optimal speed and efficiency during all times of use.


This software solved 0x8007007e on my computer. Thnx, Gene.
Will this solve error 0x8007007e on windows 7 as well?
Hey Jon, this did indeed solve 0x8007007e on my windows 7.
Does this solve other errors other than 0x8007007e?
Maria Inman
Tessa, this solved error 0x8007007e and found another 2000 errors on my computer…
Rosa Fraley
The 0x8007007e solution found 3000 errors on mine as well.
So, from what I’ve read in the comments, overall you guys do recommend this for error 0x8007007e…